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Gardening Tools


We specialize in organic practices and focus on bringing in native plants, reducing water use and increasing habitat for pollinators. Lawn conversions are our favorite projects!

Clean Ups

Get your garden cleaned up by removing leaves and debris, weeding, pruning, fertilizing and mulching. While clean ups are best to complete in the spring, we are happy to help get your garden ready to grow at any point during the summer. We offer follow up maintenance to any of our clients, setting a schedule to suit your needs.


At the end of the season, we will remove any extra leaves that could cause mold, cutback perennials and prune shrubs to prepare for the snowload.


Bulbs provide spring color, with early blooms popping out of the melting snow. They are usually planted in the fall. We source hardy bulbs that are (mostly) deer and rodent resistant, and will naturalize themselves, providing blooms for years to come.

Small Projects & Enhancements

We take on small projects for homeowners looking to create beautiful outdoor spaces. The scope of small projects we take on can include: demolition of existing garden beds, creation of new beds, transplanting of existing material, perennial/shrub/small tree selection and planting, reseeding lawn areas, edging and new border installation.


Or, simply enhance your existing beds – we will bring in a selection of new plant material that brings your beds new life.

Garden Planning

We can help you solidify your gardening goals and provide recommendations to get you there. We will complete soil testing and analysis and spend a few hours with you on weed identification and plant management.

At the end, we will provide you with a document that includes all the information and recommendations tailored to your garden and goals, that you can always refer back to.

Seasonal Pots

Seasonal pots offer a pop of color and texture throughout the summer. We offer a spring planting of annuals based on taste and budget with or without continued maintenance/fertilizing. We can supplement this with a fall refresh, adding a few fall mums and foliage to fill in any spots where tender blooms have been frosted.

If you have a covered area, we can build a beautiful piece that will add interest all winter. We can even include holiday lighting and incorporation of ornaments to you winter pots.

Container Gardens

Unlike seasonal pots, these get filled with perennials that will come back for several seasons. With regular watering and fertilizing, weeds will not be an issue and you can enjoy some blooms throughout the summer. Great for small spaces, or areas that have really challenging soil. This service will include the perennial selection, planting and can also include a bi-seasonal check up.


We provide free initial walkthroughs and estimates!

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