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The Garden Center will in late May.


Thursdays + Fridays 2pm-6pm
Saturdays 10am-6pm
Sundays 10am-2pm

Hours are subject to change based on weather, for the most accurate hours please head to our facebook page HERE

Located on the corner of Sharp Ave. and Main St. Oak Creek, CO
20 Miles Outside of Steamboat Springs, CO



Our Retail Location Offers the Following Items


We offer a selection of annual flowers that will bring pops of color and texture to your gardens. We also have veggies and herbs (limited availability) 


Most are grown right here in Oak Creek!


We purchase all of our soils from Paonia Soil Company. Their products are specifically suited to help things grow in Colorado - taking into account all our specific soil needs.

We carry: Cutflower Mix - The Bomb - Raised Bed - Lawngevity

Learn about their soil mixes:

We also carry mulches and top soil!


We specialize in native and 'mostly' native perennials. Our focus is on providing plants that will attract pollinators, lower water usage and reduce invasive weeds in your gardens. We sell shrubs and grasses too!


Each fall, the garden center closes and we turn into a festive pumpkin patch! 


Looking for Extra Help?

Schedule an appointment!

Let us help you come up with the perfect plant list for your gardens. Chose from what we have in stock, and if there's something special we don't have, we'll order it for you! Consultation is free, with purchase.

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